Montag, 7. Februar 2011

5 Easy Steps To Reach Perfection In Everything You Do

Are you frustrated by the lack of perfection in your life? Are you fed up with all the mediocrity that surrounds you? If you’d like to vanquish uncertainty and mediocrity and replace them with joyful perfection, you’ve come to the right place!

I discovered these 5 breakthrough steps as I backpacked across Mongolia with two of my best friends. It was very late in the evening when we walked into a tiny village with a name I still can’t pronounce. In spite of our blinding exhaustion, we noticed an overwhelming joy radiating from every person we passed. We stayed in that village for almost a month and it was during that time I sat with the town leaders and learned the steps I’m about to share with you.

Of course, it’s impossible to reach perfection. There’s no village in Mongolia with inexplicably joyful people walking around in a haze of perfection. There are no hidden keys to happy living that I can reveal to you in 5 easy steps.

So why do we pretend? Why do productivity writers pander to base instincts and sacrifice real conversations on the altar of quick points? Why do you, as a reader, often exhibit such an appetite for articles written with intense certainty about subjects you know to be too complex for any single article?

Easily digested content is just as easily forgotten. Do you really want to bemusedly read the same steps to a “productive life” over and over as they’re re-purposed across the internet and paired with some inspiring image?

Or have we possibly grown as an online community to the point where a writer like myself can share an imperfect concept and figure out an optimal solution through subsequent commentary and email exchanges with readers? With YOU?

Let’s discuss.


  1. well shit dude, lay it on me. sounds interesting.

  2. step 1 to perfection: don't lie to me about having a list D=

    But seriously, I think we looks for ways to be perfect because the alternative is not improving yourself. What are you trying to be if not perfect? You'd have to be settling for something. Even if you can't reach it, striving for perfection isn't a bad thing.

    So why do we look for the quick lists? Well we live in an instant world, and most people are very impatient. Maybe that's something to work on...

  3. Meh, perfection is over-rated.

    If practice makes perfect, but nobody's perfect; why practice?

  4. Did you really backpack across Mongolia?