Donnerstag, 3. Februar 2011

7 Things you shouldn't do at work :D [Lifehack]

1. Being too busy for breaks (you’re better at everything when you’re rested).

2. Replying to email instantly (if they’re really waiting, they’ll call you).

3. Getting caught up in politics (it’s rarely worth it and never fun).

4. Pretending you’re saving lives (if you actually are, no need to pretend).

5. Refusing to give yourself uninterrupted time for work (they don’t need you that much).

6. Complaining about how little money you make (the people you’re complaining to can’t change it).

7. Forgetting to laugh and have fun (this can take work some days but is always worth it).

Bonus round: Stop eating lunch at your desk. You really deserve a walk, conversation with a friend, or a quiet hour away from your desk.


  1. Most of these are very true, good tips

  2. Nice tips bro!

  3. Best work related advice i have seen is "Always poop at work"... sounds goofy, but a ten minute 'time out' every day adds up to 40+ hours a year being paid to do you business... genius! ha

  4. I work at a pizza place in Louisiana, during Katrina, our locations that were open would deliver FREE pizzas to accessible homes, so people would have a hot alternative to MREs.

    So I guess I really am some kind of life saving super pizza guy!

    The rest don't really apply though, so I thought I'd share that.

  5. I never do any of this stuff, It's pointless to complain and stuff at work, noone cares.

  6. I don't work lol, haven't for the past year, its awesome. I'm pretty lucky because I get $530/fnight from the government for being a student, and my landlord is a friend so I only pay $175/fnight to live 5 minutes walk from the beach. So I don't need to work and go to uni 3 days a week. It's awesome!

  7. you should add "walk around with a stack of paper" to this. people always think you look busy if you walk around with an empty filefolder or something.